Who are we?

Jeurgens is the producer of high-quality Biscuit, Pastry and Meringue products. Our products are presented on both the biscuit and the Home-Baking shelf.

We would like to be the most innovative manufacturer for the many industrial applications of Biscuits, Pastry and Meringue. In this sense, we consider ourselves the heart and engine of these industries!

We like to work closely with our customers and partners. The starting point is excellent quality, innovation and service.


Jeurgens strives for a high and constant quality level. Our working methods and quality systems are regularly tested by independent institutes. In addition to these independent quality standards, Jeurgens also integrates customer-specific quality standards in its systems.


Product development is very important to Jeurgens. Meringue products in particular, we successfully respond to seasonal opportunities and we continuously develop specific products for the holidays.


Our employee work hard on our service level. You will notice this in our high delivery performance, the quick response to your questions and the resolution of any problems.