The traditional Sponge Fingers are elongated light biscuits with a layer of sugar on the top. The Sponge Fingers originated in France in the late fifteenth century and are named after Boudoir. The product is used in many recipes, such as: Tiramisu, Charlotte and for example a Trifle.

The traditional Sponge Fingers are available at various retailers within and beyond The Netherlands. In addition tot the traditional Sponge Fingers, other variants are also available. Feel free to ask for the possibilities!

Jeurgens is leading with Sponge Fingers. We can respond quickly to specific customer requirements with various recipes. With our modern and flexible production we achieve a very high delivery performance. Opportunities such as the production of organic biscuits are therefore within our reach, both for the consumer market and for the industrial market.

Sponge Finger


Sponge Finger for kids 

Elongated biscuit sprinkled with a layer of sugar. The sponge fingers are provided with an 'Boudoir' inscription at the bottom.

Savoiardi differs from the regular Sponge Finger in shape and texture. Savoiardi is larger and more brittle in structure and texture.

The Sponge Finger witch are produced especially for young children look like the original Sponge Finger but are being produced without the layer of sugar at the top.

Cinnamon Sponge Finger

The cinnamon Sponge Finger are like the original Sponge Fingers with delicious layer of cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.

Sponge Finger quarters

We are available to cut our sponge fingers into smaller pieces, this makes them easy to use for any kind of small-portioned dessert. 

Biscuit Bites 

 New in our assortment: Biscuit Bites. Coated Sponge Finger pieces with various toppings.

New developments 

Despite the fact of the Sponge Finger being a cookie that has been on the shelves for years, this is certainly not a boring and old-fashioned cookie. By continuing to innovate and make combinations with fun colours and flavours, this nostalgic product becomes more and more modern and, above all, very tasty!

For example new in our product range: Biscuit bites. Delicious brittle and airy pieces of Sponge Finger covered with a chocolate coating and various toppings.

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