The coconut cake is a typical Dutch delicacy made from fresh coconut. In addition to the natural variant, the coconut cake with a layer of chocolate is also extremely popular on the biscuit shelf. They are also available in different sizes, such as our giant coconut cakes with wafer paper on the bottom.

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In addition to our regular coconut cookies  with cocoa-fantasy, the coconut cakes can also be adapted to different seasons/ holidays, etc. Think of orange and gray coated coconut cakes for Halloween or yellow coated coconut cakes for Easter.


Small coconut cakes, available as basic or with chocolate pieces.

With chocolate base and picasso

The coconut cookies are also available with a cocoa-fantasy base and Picasso.


The coconut cakes are perfect to adjust for any season. Like these coconut cakes with an orange base and Picasso, especially for Halloween.