The Eclairette is an traditional Dutch cookie consisting of two wellington cakes sprinkled with chufa shavings, a layer of cream or jam and a chocolate layer around both ends. In addition to the large Eclairette, Jeurgens also has foamy small Eclairettes in the assortment. The foam Eclairettes are delicious brittle biscuits with a cream filling, chufa shavings and a chocolate layer around the end. Delicious with a cup of coffee or tea.

In the year 2012, Jeurgens took over the company Heys & Paymans, which produced, among other things, Eclairettes. Eclairettes is a typical Dutch product and is often used as a biscuit with coffee.

Original Eclairette 

 Eclairettes with cocoa-fantasy a delicious cream or jam filling with or without chufa shavings.

Small Eclairette

The small foam Eclairettes with cream filling are a delicious treat with coffee or tea.


The Eclairettes can be adjusted to every season! Like these yellow Eclairettes with or without decoration, ideal for Easter.