Meringue is a sweet treat consisting of dried foam. Meringue has been part of the Jeurgens range since 2000.

In addition to the regular shapes such as: meringue turrets, meringue wreaths and meringue nests. Various other shapes, flavours and decorations are possible.

If you have any questions about the possibilities of certain shapes, ingredients, flavours or decorations, do not hesitate to contact us.

Drops and serrated Drops

Mini drops 

Stars & Mini stars

Batons & Mini batons

You can't think of it as crazy, all kinds of colors and flavors are possible with our serrated and smooth drops.

In addition to the drops, there are also the mini drops. They are perfect to use as a topping for cakes, cupcakes, and so on.

 Just like the drops, the stars and mini stars are available in many different colors and flavors.

These elongated meringue batons are wonderfully airy. Available in different measurements, flavours and colours.





The meringue turrets are perfect to be accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea. Deliciously airy and crunchy in structure and also available in many different colours and flavours.

Serrated, smooth, large, small, high or rather a little flatter? When it comes to meringue wreaths, all this is possible.

The meringue nests are perfect as a basis for a dessert. Delicious to fill with a chocolate mousse and some red fruit.

Meringuettes is a meringue product with a slightly different appearance, the 'tearing' effect of this meringue gives it a slightly different look and texture.

Meringue Giants


Bases in other shapes 

Mini Pavlova

The meringue giants not only look fantastic but are also the most fun and delicious treat. Available in different sizes and flavours.

The foam bases are ideal for a super tasty meringue cake. Very easy to use when you want a nice dessert on the table in an instant.

The foam bases are ideal for a super tasty meringue cake. Very easy to use when you want a nice dessert on the table in an instant.

The mini pavlovas are crispy on the outside and have a brittle texture. Inside they are wonderfully chewy and sticky.

Coated meringue products

Our meringue products are extremely suitable for coating. We coat with white and brown cocoa-fantasy, but we don't turn our hands around for a nice colour.

Meringue crumb

Meringue crumb are very small pieces of meringue. This crumb is ideal to use as a topping for cakes, cupcakes, ice cream etc.


Whatever the season, meringue is always the ideal snack. At Christmas, appropriate coatings, flavors and decorations can be thought of.


Or how about this Halloween collection. With these spooky coating, they are the horror of any Halloween party.


But don't forget Valentine's Day, these meringue hearts are the perfect Valentine snack.