Trifle Sponge and Sponge Discs are mainly used in desserts for the English market. These are mainly used to make trifle. The trifle is made up of a number of layers such as cake or sponge, jelly, fruit, custard and whipped cream. For this Jeurgens has specially developed the Trifle Sponges and Trifle Sponge Discs.

In addition to our regular Trifle Sponge Discs and Cubes, these are also available vegan!

The Trifle Sponges, Discs and Cubes are available in various flavours and sizes. Think of vanilla, chocolate and ginger or even a combination of flavours.

Furthermore it's possible to provide the products with a brown or white coating.

Trifle Sponge

These Trifle Sponges with their brittle and airy structure form a perfect basis for any dessert.

Trifle Discs

The same goes for the Trifle Discs. These sponge discs are the perfect base/layer for any trifle dessert. Available in different sizes and flavours.

Trifle Cubes

The Trifle Cubes are an ideal addition to any dessert. The small size makes it easy to divide into a dessert and ensures a pleasant eating experience.

Coated Cubes

Our Cubes can be coated, so they stay dry when added to a dessert and give a completely different mouth feel and a fuller taste.