Are you a company looking for components or decorations for desserts, cakes, etcetra? Then you have come to the right place at David Brown Catering. We supply various product types all over the world that are processed as semi-finished products by the industry in end products. Think in particular of different types of sponge products that are used in desserts and trifles, different types of crumbs that are ideal as a tasty crispy base and many different types of decorations.

The majority of our products are extremely suitable as a component in desserts and pies. Think of our "Crumb" products that make an extremely suitable base for many desserts. In addition, our range of sponge products is very suitable as a component for many types of desserts, cakes and so on.


Our Crumb is available in different flavours and sizes, making it ideal for adding a base for desserts.

Trifle sponges can be used as a component for the classic Trifle dessert and much more than that.

Square small Trifle sponges available in different sizes and flavours.

These sponge discs are the perfect base/layer for any trifle dessert. Available in different sizes and flavours.

Many of the Jeurgens products are ideal as decoration. Think of various small-sized meringue products and our crumbs. A lot of variation is possible when it comes to shape and taste. Our meringue and crumb toppings are also extremely suitable to be coated. With a white or brown cocoa-fantasy coating, the decoration gets an extra texture and taste experience.

Do you have questions about the possibilities of certain shapes, ingredients, or flavours? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Meringue Decoratie 

Gecoate decoratie


Meringue is ideal as a tasty decoration for all kinds of desserts and pastries. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to shape, taste and color.

The meringue decorations and crumbs can be coated. By providing the meringue and crumbs with a layer of coating or chocolate, it becomes even more special and especially tasty.

Our crumb products are perfect to use as decoration for cakes, ice cream and so on.